A Brief History of Nevada Brothels

Prostitution has been legal in Nevada since the early 1900s.  The world’s oldest profession had been in full swing previous to this date, but in its typical contrarian style, Nevada is the only state in the Union that made the practice fully legal.  The law is as such, if a county in Nevada has a population of less than 400,000 people, then brothels and prostitution is legal and state sanctioned.  Because Las Vegas is located in heavily populated Clark county brothels are not legal in Vegas.  The nearest legal brothels are located in Pahrump about 45 minutes outside of sin city.  The history is sorted and there were many challenges to brothel operators in the 70’s, but at the end of the day the courts ruled in favor of the operators and brothels operate legally in Nevada to this day.

Nevada Best Brothels Guide

Here are a few tips if you decide to take the brothel plunge in Nevada

  • Brothels work like anything else in the free market and prices reflect supply and demand.  This is to say the closer to Las Vegas the brothel is, the higher the prices are going to be.  It is worth mentioning that the talent will be better as well.
  • Nevada law requires all brothels in the state to make mandatory STD tests and checks for any prostitutes working there on a weekly basis.
  • Nevada brothels require clients to wear condoms and safe sex practices are mandatory.


Although the Nevada brothels are legal, they are at least 45 minutes outside the city.   They are also expensive.  Most clients find everything they are looking for with an escort sent directly to their room and don’t have to make the trip.  The hottest girls in Vegas working the adult market work as escorts and or strippers because of the freedom it provides them.  The brothels are technically safer, but you will not find the best talent that Las Vegas has to offer.


If you decide to make the trek and visit on of Nevada’s legal brothels we made a little list of some of the Top brothel providers, both near and far.  Locations include: Pahrump, Carson City, Battle Mountain, Storey County, Elko, Ely, and some other far flung desert towns.


All of the Nevada Brothels listed below are currently in compliance with state law and best practices.


Sheri’s Ranch


Pahrump Brothel

10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump NV 89061


Sheri’s Ranch is a self-proclaimed “ full service sex resort” and is relatively close to Las Vegas located about 60 miles outside the city.  The brothel is a 10 room spread including 3 themed suites complete with a wet bar, fireplace, and Jacuzzi.  Sheri’s Ranch has won the “Brothel of the Year” (yes this is an actual award in a local Vegas paper) in the years of 2011 and 2012.   A quick browse of the Sheri’s website will give a full rundown of the sex menu.  However the menu does not include prices.  The prostitutes negotiate prices as they are independent contractors. That said get ready for some sticker shock.  State sanctioned legal sex does not come cheap.

Phone: 1-866-820-XXXX



Moonlite Bunny Ranch


Northern Nevada Brothel

69 Moonlight Rd. Mound House, NV 89706


If you have heard the name Dennis Hof, then you have probably heard of the Bunny Ranch.  This is Hof’s premier brothel and has received its share of publicity.  Although this brothel is publicized as one of the best in the state, the fact is it is located nowhere near Las Vegas.  The Bunny Ranch is located in the North of the state about half way between Reno and Lake Tahoe.  This cranked out brothel runs 24/7 365 and has been in operation since 1955.  Fortunately the talent has been updated since 55’.   Admittedly the talent at Bunny Ranch is attractive and plentiful with 40-50 available at any given time.  However there are some downsides.  When you consider that a good escort agency in Vegas has over 200 girls working on any given night, the 40-50 spread at the Bunny Ranch is put into perspective.  Oh yeah and did we mention, it a 7 hour drive from sin city.  If you’re staying in Reno, not Las Vegas, the Bunny Ranch might be worth checking out.


Phone: 775-246-XXXX



Area 51 Alien Cathouse

Amargosa Brothel

2711 Highway 95 Amargosa, NV 89020


The Area 51 Cathouse is an aptly named brothel and another Dennis Hof property.  Definitely a step down from the Hof flagship Bunny Ranch, but still a damn good time, the Area 51 Cathouse features many of the same prostitutes working at the Bunny Ranch.  And then there are those girls specific to this brothel.  A little older and perhaps a little more used up, these working girls are open of negotiation.  Farther than the chicken ranch but still with in reasonable driving range from Las Vegas, this brothel includes a bar and some eats next door.  Featuring a Friday night swinger’s party, the brothel is definitely couples friendly.


Phone: 775-372-XXXX



Mustang Ranch


Storey County Brothel

1011 Wild Horse Canyon Dr. Sparks, NV 89434


The Mustang Ranch is a great little whorehouse nestled 15 minutes from Reno NV, and again unfortunately nowhere near Las Vegas.  Approximately a 7-hour commute from Vegas, anyone making this trip is looking at a serious car ride.  Clients will find a line up of about 20 decent looking women and a few porn harlots peppered in the mix.  As one of the originals, the Mustang Ranch has carved out its chapter in Nevada brothel history.


Phone: 1-800-727-XXXX



The Chicken Ranch


Pahrump Brothel

10511 Homestead Rd Pahrump, NV 89061


The self-described “best little whorehouse in the west” the Chicken Ranch has been in business for well over 30 years.  Located in Pahrump and directly across the street from Sheri’s Ranch this little legal Nevada brothel is actually pretty close to Las Vegas.  Approximately an hour outside of Vegas, a decent line up of legal sex with state sanctioned whores awaits!  The Chicken Ranch does provide transportation to and from the Ranch, but be ready to spend, as you can imagine window shoppers are frowned upon.  Couples are always welcome at the Chicken Ranch and the line up is decent for a brothel but for my money I’m staying in my room and waiting for the escort to show up.


Phone:  877-585-XXXX



Love Ranch

95 Kit Kat Dr, Carson City, NV 89706

Love Ranch has two locations in Nevada.  One Ranch is in Carson City and another located in Crystal NV.  Neither location is remotely close to Las Vegas.  The Love Ranches are decidedly not glamorous and might be best described as blue collar.  The surrounding area is mainly Ranchers of the livestock variety and mining operations.  There are certainly deals to be had at these brothels, but with anything in life, you get what you pay for.  There is a full service bar with reasonable prices as you might need a stiff drink before this experience.

Phone: 775-246-XXXX




Bella’s Hacienda Ranch

Northern Nevada Brothel

Hacienda Ranch Road Wells, NV 89835


Located in the middle of nowhere, closer to Salt Lake City then Reno or Las Vegas, Bella’s Hacienda Ranch is basically a glorified truck stop.  If you are looking for truck-stop type whores, they can be found at Bella’s.  There are deals to be had for sure.  If you find yourself this far off the road traveled, you are perhaps off course in a major way, so why not kick back and partake?  That said, Bella’s boasts of their online “specials”, so be sure to check them out.


Phone: 775-752-XXXX


Dovetail Ranch

Carlin Brothel

402 NV-278 Carlin, NV 89822

The Dovetail Ranch is conveniently located on Interstate 80 and looks something like a log cabin.  However this is no quaint log cabin in the desert, this is a whorehouse stabin cabin.  The line up of willing ladies is surprisingly youthful and good looking.  If you’re into chocolate the Dovetail has a great selection of sisters.  As interstate 80 is a semi trucker’s main east to west route the Dovetail is something of a trucker repository.  If girls who have been run through by thousands of tractor-trailer operators are your cup of tea, this is your spot.  The strange  log cabin brothel is certainly a sight to behold, but as it is nowhere near Las Vegas you will probably never whiteness its glory first hand.

Phone: 775-754-XXXX


Sagebrush Ranch

Carson City Brothel

51 Kit Kat Dr Carson City, NV 89706


The Sagebrush is the latest addition in the Dennis Hof Ranch network.  Because it is on the Hof circuit the Sagebrush sees some decent talent saunter through its doors.  Located minutes from Carson City, the brothel is nowhere close to any tourist hot spot in Nevada.  Be sure to check out the line up if you decide to make the trip.


Phone: 888-852-XXXX


The Desert Rose Gentlemen’s Club

Elko Brothel

357 Douglas St. Elko, NV 89801


The Desert Rose proclaims itself to be Northern Nevada’s best adult destination and after party.  The Desert Rose line up is slim and runs about 10 girls a night.  The main attraction is its strip club brothel hybrid.  If your fantasy is actually getting laid in the VIP room, then Desert Rose is your kind of place.  It’s a cool concept and a travesty that it is a 7-hour journey from Las Vegas.


Mona’s Ranch

Elko Brothel

103 S. 3rd Street Elko, NV 89801


If you find yourself in or around Elko Nevada, and that’s a fat if, Mona’s Ranch might be worth a peek.  The brothel boasts ladies from all over the world including an 85-pound Vietnamese spinner.  How these women ended up in Elko Nevada is anyone’s guess.  If you want to find out first hand, again you are looking at quite the drive time.  Mona’s offers such delights as nuru massage and two girls on one client discounts.


Calico Club

Battle Mountain brothel and strip club

395 North 2nd Street Battle Mountain NV, 89820


If at this point in the article, your thinking to yourself – wow there sure are a lot of brothels in Nevada, you would be correct.  Most of these places are at best hole-in-the-wall type venues, and Calico fits this billing.  The fact this place even has a website is testament to how far the brothel patron will go to taste the rainbow.  Located near Elko NV, this brothel is what it is.


Stardust Ranch

Ely Brothel

190 High Street Ely, NV 89301


Do you have any idea where Ely NV is?  Well neither did we, but we did our due diligence and can report it is at least in the orbit of Las Vegas.  The Stardust Ranch is about 3-hours north of Vegas and unless your looking for a desert road trip, not particularly worth the trek.  To see what the Stardust has to offer when it comes to talent, that’s a trip you’re going to have to make, because as far as we can tell they don’t have a website.

Phone: 702-331-XXXX



Sue’s Fantasy Club

Elko Brothel

175 South 3rd Street, Elko NV 89801


Sue’s Fantasy Club is an all-Asian girl brothel, again in Elko NV.  The concept of an all-Asian whorehouse is something that greatly appeals to us, everyone loves Thailand right?  The website features five very attractive Asian girls.   Unfortunately the girls posted on the website is where Sue’s fantasy begins, because not a one of them actually works there.  What your going to get at Sue’s is some buyers remorse as the actual girls working there look as if they grew too old for the rub and tug joints by the Vegas strip and now find themselves in Elko.  The bartender featured in the Google places ad does actually work there and the women are very amenable and egger to please, however they are not the girls on the website.


Phone: 775-777-2088