The Grim, Bawdy, and Bizarre History of Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas strip clubs in the format we know them today can be attributed to the granddaddy of them all, the Palomino Club.  The Paul Perry family opened palomino as an all-nude cabaret in 1969.  Previous to the Palomino Vegas featured several bordellos, brothels, and red-light districts, but nothing that looked remotely like a modern day cabaret or strip club.  The history of the palomino is the stuff of legend and deserves its own article.  The brief run down goes something like this.  The original owners son Jack Perry shot and killed an employee who he believed was trying to buy the club out from underneath him.  Perry pled guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 14 years to life in the year 2000.  In 2003 Luis Hidalgo took the club over.  By 2005 murder had struck the sorted Palomino history once again. Luis Hidalgo Jr., his son, Luis Hidalgo III. and Hidalgo, Jr.’s longtime girlfriend, Anabel Espindola, were charged – and eventually found guilty – as co-conspirators in the contract murder of a former employee who had been telling competitors that Hidalgo Jr. was still paying cabdrivers to divert customers to the Palomino Club.  The employee in question, former doorman Tim Hadland, was found dead on Lake Mead Blvd.  Famed defense attorney Dominic Gentile represented the Hidalgo case.  Gentile received the Palomino club in lieu of payment in 2007.  Dominic Gentile’s son, Adam Gentile, has run the Palomino ever since.  The Palomino has managed to retain its all-nude dancers and liquor license, giving it a monopoly in the Las Vegas strip club market.  Since the 2007 take over by Adam Gentile the Palomino has steadily increased its market share and is now ranked as one of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas.  Other notable shady Vegas strip club history can be found in the Mafia run Crazy horse I and II.  The Crazy horse was eventually raided by the alphabet soup of Federal agencies and shut down upon charges of money laundering, racketeering, and tax evasion.  Previous to the raid the Crazy Horse to was mired in a lawsuit involving a patron who had his neck broken by bouncers at the club.  A similar fate became of Jack Galardi and his strip club empire.  At his zenith Galardi owned Cheetahs, Leopard Lounge, and Jaguars – all in Las Vegas.  He also owned clubs in California.  The interstate nature of his strip club empire would be his eventual undoing.  Galardi was caught in an FBI investigation called “operation G-string” involving bribes paid to local politicians.  As with the casinos in Las Vegas, the criminal element and Mafia influence was eventually chased out of town.  As with the gambling resort industry, legitimate business people and corporations now control the strip club game.

A Guide to the Best Las Vegas Strip Bars and Gentlemen’s Clubs

No matter what your motivation is to hit a Las Vegas strip club you can plan on having a fantastic time.  The Vegas strip clubs are famous the world over for their hospitality, beautiful dancers, and high energy stage shows.  Perfect for a bachelor party, a night out with clients, or even a sexy night out with your lady.  All the Vegas strip clubs on our list are in proximity to strip resorts and each one offers a house limo pick up service.


Cheetah’s Gentlemen’s Club

A Vegas original on Western Avenue.

Address: 2112 Western Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89102

Phone: 702-384-XXXX


Cheetah’s heyday was in the 1990’s, so the club is a bit of a throwback.  At the time Cheetah’s was the place to be and was top dog in the Vegas strip club hierarchy and had a great run.  The club is still home to some of the sexiest dancers in town and has some great specials.  Open 24/7 and featuring one main stage and two satellite stages.  VIP starter packages start at $30.  The club has a nightly free buffet including pizza and wings from 12pm to 5pm.

Open 24 hours daily.




Crazy Horse III

Vegas topless bar and bachelor party hot spot

Address: 3525 West Russell Road, Las Vegas NV 89118

Phone: 702-673-XXXX


Located just behind the south end of Las Vegas strip near Mandalay Bay, the Crazy Horse 3 is the second largest strip club in Vegas and a damn good time.  VIP packages start at $55 per person.  All CH3 packages include limo transportation to the club, a VIP line pass, a table and a drink card.  Guests can upgrade to house champagne for $150.  The Crazy Horse features 100’s of beautiful dancers on a nightly basis and many other packages.

Open 24 hours daily.


Centerfolds Cabaret

Topless strip club on Paradise Road

Address: 416 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone: 702-734-XXXX


Located across the street from Hard Rock hotel Centerfolds is a new brand slapped on the old Club Paradise.  Centerfolds is a small scale club by Vegas standards and puts an emphasis on top service.  Because the club is recently rebranded and under new management it is difficult to say what the vibe is.  Historically club paradise has had quite a run and at one time was rated the best strip club in the city when it was under Dennis Degori management.  The new management and ownership is untested in Vegas.

Open daily 6pm. to 6am.






Spearmint Rhino

World famous Las Vegas topless strip club

Address: 3340 South Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-796-XXXX


Located just behind the Las Vegas strip just behind Trump tower, Spearmint Rhino has secured its position as one of sin cities best strip club.  The Rhino, as locals call it, recently underwent a total renovation and expanded its floor space by 18,000 square feet, bringing its total to nearly 40,000 sq. feet.  Voted the Nation’s best strip club in 2013, today’s Rhino is much bigger and even better.  The club features 100’s of beautiful entertainers on a nightly basis.  Well known as one of the busiest strip clubs in Las Vegas and the world, Spearmint Rhino is a must see.  Rhino has a full kitchen and happy hour specials from 1pm. to 8pm. and features many party packages to choose from.


Open 24 hours daily




Self proclaimed “ Worlds largest strip club “

Address: 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-869-XXXX


Sapphire club is large with a total square footage of 71,000.  The club features 10 VIP skyboxes and three lounges.  Sapphire is also the only strip club in Vegas with its own topless pool area.  Well know for running an insane number of dancers on a nightly basis, the quantity over quality style of management is very much in place at Sapphire.  That said, there is something for everyone at sapphire.  Get ready for some sticker shock at Sapphire, the joint is not cheap, last time we check a bud light was $18.  In our humble opinion, Sapphire is just too big and leaves you feeling like your sitting a warehouse full of strippers.  The club offers transportation to the club and can capacitate any size group.

Open 24 hours daily.


Little Darlings

Fully nude Vegas strip club and juice bar

Address: 1514 Western Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: 702-366-XXXX


Little Darlings is located near the North end of the Vegas strip and close to the Stratosphere casino.  Little Darlings has a lot going for it, including very young and very hot dancers.  The girls are 18 and up, but tend to be between 18 and 20.  If you like all nude young entertainers, Little Darlings is a great club.  However if you want to get an alcoholic drink, it’s not happing at Little Darlings.  The all-nude strip club does not posses a liquor license.  The club features theme nights including: Asian Invasion with Asian porn stars, a BBW night, and armature night.  VIP packages start at $200 for up to 5 people.  Great for bachelor parties, the club will video the bachelor’s face while getting some buck naked stripper abuse on stage, on the jumbo –tron screen outside the club.  Little Darlings is good fan and worth checking out.

Open Mon – Sat: 11am to 6am.

Sundays: 6pm. to 6am.


Palomino Club

Las Vegas Legend – fully nude, stocked bar, 18 and up dancers

Address: 1848 N Las Vegas Blvd. North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: 702-642-XXXX


Palomino club is located on Las Vegas Blvd. just north of downtown, so it’s a little further from the strip than most Vegas gentlemen’s clubs, but well worth the trip.  Palomino is the granddaddy of them all and opened in 1969.  It has an old license that grandfathered in the clubs capacity to have full-nude entertainers, girls that are 18 and up performing, and a liquor license.  It’s a hard combination to beat.  The Palomino features some of the most stunningly beautiful dancers in Las Vegas and definitely takes the quality over quantity approach to management.  The club has been featured on National Geographic, Playboy TV, and the Discovery Channel.  Palomino is a must see on the Vegas strip club circuit.

Open Sun-Thur: 4pm. to 5am.

Friday and Saturday 4pm.-7am


Treasures Gentlemen’s Club and Steakhouse

Upscale gentlemen’s club and fine dining

Address: 2801 Westwood Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-257-XXXX


Treasures is an upscale strip club and is all about its opulent atmosphere.  The dual floor club features one main stage complete with bottom up stage fans and lighting to provide a glamorous effect, and two smaller satellite stages on the first floor.  Upstairs guests will find lavish VIP rooms and seating overlooking the first floor and stage.  Although Treasures is not known to run a set of full on 10’s and has many 4’s and 5’s peppered in the mix.  There are some beautiful entertainers for sure, however this strip club is more about the luxury atmosphere than anything else.  Their steak house is worth a mention as well.  Unlike the usual bar food you will find being pumped out of most strip club kitchens, Treasures has a fine dining steak house and the steak is excellent.

Open daily 4pm. – 6am.

Hustler Club

Curiously tacky, 3 floors of outrageous adult fun

Address:   6007 Dean Martin Las Vegas, NV 89118


Hustler Club is a mammoth three story adult fun house.  Located on the South end just west of the strip, Hustler attempts to put the fun in the Vegas strip club game.  Although one can spend serious money at Hustler club, the style it presents is on the fun and decidedly not serious end of the spectrum.  The club features three floors and a stripper pole that runs from top to bottom.  The Vegas Hustler club is the crown jewel in the Dejavu / Hustler chain, so if you are into these clubs presentation and style its probably worth checking out.

Open daily: 4pm – 9am.