Well 2016 was a crazy year for sure, but 2017 is already off to a crazy start!  With Nevada being the only state in the United States with legal prostitution in small populated areas.  This is why some people get confused, when planning their Sin City vacation.  Sadly you want to drive an hour or more, and be quoted or pay an over priced rate to sleep with one of these older ladies 100% legal.  However, many networks online filled with VIP executive travelers have shared how they do it.  Simply knowing who to call and what to say, and of course a little bit of luck.

Here is how it works, you can call and hire a private Las Vegas stripper to your hotel room.  Once the female stripper arrives to the hotel room, you promptly provide payment.  This helps show her, your not gonna be difficult when she ask for payment.  While also hinting your not cheap!  Then let her get comfortable, while you make a drink and relax.  Maybe remove items from pockets, shoes, belts, ect…

The girl will get naked, and normally dance for about 15 or 20 minutes.  Then she will offer to dance for a longer time, or even extra things like showers, erotic massages, sex toys, and much much more, so much to even list.  Just hear her out and ask her what she might suggest, be ready and willing to spend another $200 or $300.  You will be all-in around $500 or $600 by now.  This is when things will get interesting!!!  Just be polite, and sparks might fly between two happy adults.  That is 100% legal, as you only paid for the dances and she might of just thought you where a nice guy and decided to go all the way and sleep with you.

Now this trick works with many markets, such as some Las Vegas outcall massage services.  And of course Las Vegas escorts who work for a Nevada escort agency.  Be safe and be smart, we always suggest dealing with a licensed agency, but if you really want an independent girl.  We suggest checking out Hustling.net for Las Vegas Adult Classifieds.

Since the national adult classifieds website backpage.com, has shutdown all United State adult classified sections.  Now this effects the Las Vegas adult market more than any, as it’s well known for being the maca for escorts and adult classifieds.  Now, a few days after they shut down the sections.  Other adult classified websites, are already reporting an increase in traffic and user sign ups.

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